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The Hired guns are a 100% Law Enforcement base club. Each member is a sworn Law Enforcement officer, and has a deep respect for motorcycles and the history of motorcycling. We attend Law Enforcement fund raisers, benefit runs and M/C club events. We are dedicated officers who Live to Ride and Ride to Live. H.G.M.C. is sworn law enforcers who uphold the laws of the United States Constitution and the oath each of us have sworn to hold the line between peace and Anarchy.

Our Colors

logo The Hired Guns M.C. wear a three piece patch. This is to symbolize the three most important components in our profession. Honor, Duty and Respect. Our top rocker is our club name. Our center patch is a skull wearing a black bandana with a thin blue line through it. The skull symbolizes that we as Law Enforcement officers, are not just skin deep, but just the opposite. We are COPS 24/7 and never compromise our sworn duty positions. The bandana with the thin blue line through it represents our skin. The thin blue which is the internationally recognized symbol of Law Enforcement. This is mounted on the black to honor all our Law Enforcement family whom have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to protect another. Our bottom rocker is the State of this great country in which each member has taken a sworn oath to uphold the laws of the United States of America’s Constitution, at any cost.

These colors represent the only 100% law Enforcement motorcycle club in the world.

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